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Events Covered

Banquets, receptions, conferences, music performances/poetry recitals, book launches, official acts, cultural activities, shows, exhibitions.

Prior consultation necessary; conditions negotiated for each specific case.


Lower Cloister

With its consummate blend of Late Gothic and Renaissance styles, the Lower Cloister is the most impressive of Portugal’s cloisters. It has been used to host important ceremonies of State, for example the signing of the Treaty for Portugal’s membership of the European Economic Community, and for the most diverse cultural events. Directly accessible from the exterior, the cloister provides easy access for persons with reduced mobility. Limited support conditions for support for catering services. 

Useful surface area: 55 x 6.20 x 7 m.

Features: stone walls and floors. Power outlets and limited access to water connection points.

Capacity: 1,000 persons seated.  


A large space with vaulted ceilings decorated with tile panels from the late 18th century. Its location next to the cloister means that the two spaces can be used together.Accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Useful area: 39 x 8.60 x 6 m.
Features: Stone walls with tile panels, stone flooring. Power outlets and water connection points.
Capacity: 250 persons seated.  

Interior Garden

Useful area: 1,135 sq. m

Features: Garden area. With power outlets and restricted water connection points.

Capacity: 500 persons seated.

Architectural Plan 


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