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Safeguarding and enhancing historic monuments alone is a complicated procedure. However, attention should also be paid to the dissemination of artistic values. The range of objects inspired in IGESPAR's monuments and in its rich holdings had this objective: to embark on a trip through time, enabling the public to get familiar with objects that once filled the tables of princes and kings. The collection available is the result of a careful selection and quality control of all kinds of materials, from crystals to faience, through to textiles, stationery, and the simple yet appealing stickers. Replicas are true collection items. Most objects either recreate the monument's "aura" or pick on a certain detail and make it stand out of the immense visual information each monument has to offer. Learning material is meant to hand down to future generations the magic of ancient architecture. On the other hand, modern-day objects bridge the gap between past and present, bringing new life to shapes and granting them a research and experimentation vocation. Aesthetical concerns are a constant presence in DGPC collection.

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